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Naylor Paint goes beyond just selling paint

Our staff is courteous and professional and will do their best to get the help you desire. We also have a lot of insight of which painters, finishers, handymen, services, etc that are the perfect match for your job and your budget . For you do-it-yourselfers we are experienced and give you step by step instructions on how to do the job if you are a novice or give some helpful tips and advice if you are already experienced or are experts in your trade.

Services Overview

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Custom Paint Matchng

 Naylor Paint has developed a reputation for having the best color matchers anywhere.  We use state of the art computers.  We can quickly match colors of virtually any brand or paint, or the samples that you bring in (eggplants, poodles, cacti, etc.)  Some samples are not conducive to being matched by computer, and we have the ability to match samples by eye.  If you have a critical match, it is best to bring us a sample at least the size of a quarter, and leave it with us for at least two hours.  We use that time to dry your paint, and make repeated adjustments if necessary. 

Equipment Rentals

  Naylor Paint rents high quality equipment that allows our customers to complete jobs in an effective and professional manner.  The equipment includes:
⁃ 1.       Airless paint sprayers for large projects.  These are powerful but compact units that can spray up to ½ gallon of paint per minute.  We can discuss whether the use of an airless if appropriate for your project.  Things to consider are overspray and the potential of over application.  Discuss injection possibility with our staff.
⁃ 2.       HVLP sprayers for smaller, fine finishing projects.  These are self contained, low pressure spray systems the produce a fine finish and little overspray.  Appropriate for furniture, cabinets, etc.
⁃ 3.       High pressure water blasters.  Gas powered units that spray water at high pressure and volume.  Perfect for cleaning the exterior of your house, or for preparing your house for painting.  Sometimes houses do not even need painting after waterblasting.
⁃ 4.       Floor sander for decks and floors.  Our sander is a big finishing sander, and can be safely used by non professionals, unlike belt sanders which, although great in the hands of an experienced operator, can ruin floors if used improperly.  We have the abrasives, finishes, and advice needed to complete your project successfully.

Naylor Paint


Whether you are a local painter that doesn't have the time to pick up what you need or a studio painter that is designing a set. We have the drivers that will get you what you need and make sure your needs are met on time. Our drivers are experienced with the best routes to get over to you and keep your project running smoothly.

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Expert Advice

Our staff members were professional painters, local handymen, set painter suppliers. We have every aspect of painting and home improvement covered so we will be more than helpful on your project and we will make sure your job is done right and help you out on any sort of problems and issues that you are having.


"Excellent product selection and helpfull staff..."
Greg Vergo
Very friendly. Much better service than huge stores like Home Depot.
⁃ Jeremy
You want it, they have it -- both paint and service. The guy opened up several cans of stain, to make sure the stain I bought would stain the raw piece of wood to the one I needed to match. They also have more "exotic" kinds of paint. Truly excellent place.

this is a great paint store. I went there to buy Mythic paint which is none toxic and has 0 voc's. The sales people are very friendly and helpful they can match just about any paint color and sell lots of brands of paint and painting materials. The salesmen are also very good looking.

I love this place! It looks like a little house on Lincoln and is full of everything you need to do your painting or wood staining project. Custom colors no problem and the folks there are pretty friendly and helpful. So great to have it
⁃ Wanda B

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