Interior Wood Finishes


Woodkote Gel’d Stain: User-friendly oil stain, applies like shoe polish. Woods that normally stain blotchy come out uniform

Minwax Oil
Flecto Diamond floor finish: Water Base, very clear and hard, finish your floors in one day with three coats
McCloskey Manowar: Legendary exterior spar varnish, oil base
Vermont Coatings: Environmentally friendly water-borne. Very clear and hard, available in floor finish and furniture finish.
Mohawk sold Quick dry solvent base stain, vivid colors. Does not seal the wood so that stain can be applied over the dye
Deft Polyurethane: Oil base, for most interior or exterior wood surfaces, including floors

ML Campbell Magna Max: Spray application, a solvent base precatalyzed lacquer for furniture, and kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

ML Campbell Ultrastar: Spray application, water borne clear for furniture
ML Campbell Agualente: Spray or spray application, Waterborne, in white or clear. Precatalyzed for excellent water resistance.
ML Campbell Polystar: Spray application, white or tintable, water borne, for furniture

Valspar Precatalyzed Lacquer: Spray application, available in white and clear, for furniture, and kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
Valspar nitrocellulose lacquer: Spray application, for furniture where water resistance is not needed.
Valspar Conversion Varnish: Spray Application, needs to be catalyzed. For areas where maximum water resistance is needed. White, clear, or tinted colors.
Sikkens SRD 250. Available in 6 wood colors, this product is essentially a colored varnish with wonderful clarity. The special pigments shield ultra violet rays, and in general, this product will last at least twice as long as other exterior finishes. One coat gives a low sheen oil finish look, and two or three coats will give a satin to semi gloss finish. Use one coat on decks, one to three coats on vertical wood. This is a product that has no equal.
Sikkens WB. A water borne finish available in 9 colors. Feedback has been excellent, but this is a new product.
Sikkens Cetol 1. Available only in quarts in the Los Angeles Basin. Less viscosity than SRD 250, is a good choice for exterior doors and furniture.
Flood CWF. A water borne clear finish that penetrates and protects the wood, while adding a warmth to the appearance of the wood.
Flood Solid Coat Exterior Wood Finish. Available in any tinted color, this product contains Emulsa Bond (EB), which has a unique ability to bond paint to wood. A truly superior product.
Flood Semi Transparent Wood Finish. Available in any tinted color, contains Emulsa Bond (EB) which helps this stain bond to exterior wood.
Transparent stain and finishes, available in ready mixed colors.
Penofin Tropical Hardwood Oil. A penetrating oil to be used on tropical hardwoods.